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I don’t need alcohol to make bad decisions

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One day, you’ll know
and it will all make sense.

ten-word-story, #66 (via acupofkeen)
If he only sees you at night,
he’s not yours.

Jeigo, Ten Word Story (via jeigo)
3am coffee is reserved for the lonely and the writers.

ten word story #4, cgc (via dearyesterdays)
You taught me how to taste forever in your lips.

ten-word-story, #33 (via acupofkeen)
You loved me, but you were in awe of her.

Ten word story  (via blossomfully)
It is amazing how words can shred your insides apart

ten-word poem #8 (via itsgoodtoseaya)
i got into this because i saw something with you.

a ten word story (via elizaardbeth)
If the sun were to explode,
you wouldn’t even know about it
for eight minutes.
And nothing in the world
gives me a heavier heart
than knowing I wouldn’t be able to reach you
before the world went dark.

unknown (1:37am)

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Don’t get too close.
I’ll only end up destroying you.

Ten Word Story (170/365) by (DS)
If you can manipulate words, you can manipulate the world.

Ten word story || Colleen Courtney Anderson (via speculativeknowledge)
Keep in mind: not everyone you lose is a loss.

ten-word-story, #62 (via acupofkeen)
Sometimes, your heart feels too big for your chest and your thoughts sound too loud for your head.

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For someone who’s gone forever,
You seem to be everywhere.

Ten word story (via poppyflowerpoetry)
What if seeing you again would change everything about us?

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